Today is our first blog of many. A variety of things that we will post are all about food. Deserts, appitizers, breakfeast, and some dinners. Right now we have made cinimon buns. My mom showed me how to make them just today. We haven’t tried them yet, But I’m sure they’ll be delishious. My mom taught me some tricks like for adding yeast, you add 2 thirds cup of sugar, and you are supposed to add 2 cups of warm water, but what we did is added 1 cup of cold water and boiled 1 cup of water and also added that to the sugar. That makes the perfect temp to activate the 1 and a half table spoons of yeast that is sprinkled over the top of it. Then cover it and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. So I’ll be sure to tell you tomorrow how they tasted. It was pretty fun to though. Some mom and daughter time. After all, I’m only 12 so I might as well enjoy that while i can.


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